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Willa Face The Day Tinted Moisturizer

| Rating: A- |

Willa Face the Day

Willa is a natural brand that targets tween girls, but is still great for girls of all ages.

I have oily skin and I’m very careful about moisturizers.  So it’s good to hear that Face The Day is oil free, as well as being free of chemicals, PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid that can cause allergies and clothing discoloration), and fragrance.

Willa Face the Day Tinted Moisturizer

Face The Day comes in one shade.  Since this face lotion is very lightweight and provides minimal coverage, the shade should be fine for all skin colors.

Willa Face the Day color

One of the things I immediately noticed about this moisturizer is its weird texture.  True, it’s very light, but it also feels a little… slippery.  As if baby powder in liquid form.  I got a little scared, because it felt like it had the potential to make my skin more oily than it already is.

Willa Face the Day moisturizer

Unfortunately, my skin did start feeling a little greasy after a few hours in the sun.

And yet, oddly, I still really like this product.  It’s feels nice on your skin, it’s light for having SPF 30, and it contains natural ingredients.

I would highly recommend Face The Day for people with normal skin type looking for a simple and natural tinted moisturizer.  If I had a tween sister or daughter, I’d definitely buy this for them.  It’s perfect for those wanting to wear “makeup”, but are not ready for the heaviness of foundation.

Buy one for yourself or your tween for $15 at amazon.com today!